natalia renae (khean) wrote,
natalia renae

dude im listening to dane cook, KELLO MEMBER WATCHING HIM FOR THE FIRST TIME UP NORTH???? well anyway, im way better this week, not so homesick so much.. christ chex hahaha.. anyway yeah fake problems played last night, all the naples crew was present, im so frickin happy right now.

anyway thought i would update. hope all is well with everyone else if they are new to the college scene. its a weird time, transitioning between home and a new place, for me its about 7 hours away and i grew up in paradice (for the last two years) so it's hard to be anywhere else.

im learning a lot. meeting some people but still attracted to those who are from naples, we all are close simply because we have that in common, it's like nowhere else, everyone else is having a blast here and were more like "fuck i miss home so much" some in fact, about 75% are moving back to fgcu second semester.

so thats my thoughts. i miss marin and megs and all you other kiddos that im facebook friends with now like katie campbell and danielle sadowski, how weird is that? yay for facebook, aight peace.
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