natalia renae (khean) wrote,
natalia renae


yeah so i live in the city of dreams. not l.a. where you have dreams and end up being a prostitute who magically meets richard gere. i guess every city can be the city of dreams, they all have potential and it could be argued in a room full of people who love where the live that each one is better than the next. i can only look to naples (miami, tampa, lauderdale, and encompassing areas) and the walled lake, west bloomfield, bf hills areas of metro-detroit, michigan. i definately miss it there. especially the shit weather and snow. i miss the people and the dry skin that is mostly white or tanning booth tan. but then again, who wouldnt want my life? it is amazing. i have changed, im not so much into the hardcore partying that i once was, and i suppose that is in part due to the class of 03 and 04 leaving. then there are us. the class of 05..almost gone too. then its off to fsu and maybe those partying pronciples will resurface, in fact, im sure they will. for now i am content. im on month four with my boy and it isnt snowy and we dont deal with snow and slush, but we deal with old drivers, mexicans and snotty bitches. it all equals out. i love my cultural views and how im almost half one person and half another. its hard to understand unless youve been in this position. i need to visit. and so do you.

in fact i have some visitors next month. marin and meg need to also call me back sometime. on the phone that i do not currently posses. i will post a new number when i have one. i dont really care to listen to messages or talk to anyone though. so im not sure what that means. maybe its back to that contentness.. alright that's enough. i only do this once every few months.

xo me
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