natalia renae (khean) wrote,
natalia renae


went to homecoming for like 45 minutes, left and went to jons for the senior party. drank a lot of soco and played card games. christa was drunk haha.. kissed a lot of girls and a few guys and smoked som,e blacks and peed in the woods. fell asleep in my car while making out with cameron as katie drives away. got bad directions, west on santa barbara.. went to ashleys. never made it inside. slept for three hours. jon came out and offered me another beer. i yelled at some people, katie went back to jons. jimmy took me back to his house, walked to the beach 13th haha no 1st. came back, wanted to play pool but he wouldnt let me. banged on the couch. the end. actually scrach that last part.

comment. peace.

ps...bleeding weirdly.
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