natalia renae (khean) wrote,
natalia renae


yeah so katie wasnt even in school today.. she has a ball sack.. haaa
ps.. happy belated to meg (17) and josh (22).. yeah 22... hahahaha

these are the things i can think of:
-my lazy eyes
-"i don't know, i've seen some pretty shitty assholes"
-katie: why are they haning out with us, were such losers. nat: why are we hanging out with them, they are such losers (latino music in the background)
-my mom: ice cream?
-fsu, yeah we should just screw all the rest haha
-sisqo noise (hhhhhheeeehhh)
-weird body ^
-me running into the door at joe's.
-going to mcdonalds twice
-peeing on zack's lawn
-stealing sebi's cd (whiloe breaking into his car)
-never going to work
-that's not metro, that's hygiene"
-ball sack..period
-agua diente
-i alwyas drive, why cant you drive, i dont get it
-passign the drug test
-scary guys at 7
-eddie never going back
-heres some $
-used condom on the ground out back
-im 18. come here i want to show you something. im scared. bye.
-3 fingers. bullshit
-your mom called, she brought your herpes cream
-2 handles at richies
-b bingo
-ceo's and business hoes
-shit pills
-hi, im allison. KATIE MANURI/NATALIE.. oh god jay jay
-omg, have you seen his gf, shes so ugly.
-your mom looks hot.

many more but oh well..

peace out all..
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