natalia renae (khean) wrote,
natalia renae

talking abotu getting laid and amazingness: with two people right now haha

so this trip def turned out well. thank god i dont have to stay until sataurday. it was perfect. i called liz, i still dont know if marian won but i assume they did. ryder cup so they are out and i dont give a danm. wow have grown this year. i miss katie like the back of my hand. isnt that a weird saying, i dont know the back of my hand at all.

saw my cousins all day sunday, it was tight.

monday i went up to state. saw kello. i love her, yakeley is awesome. the girls are so cool, im happy for her..jealous, my time is soon. had some daquaris (aka shots)...saw amy too!
went over to holden. couldnt find the brakes on the bike on the way over so def could have died. had a few beers, watched some madden battles. made ryan share the bed SINCE HE HAS HIS OWN ROOM haha. oh yeah i met the nip/tuck fiend roommate.
woke up. sat. slept. sat. watched sports. watched more madden battles, as well as halo. shoulda went to get a beer bong. didnt. saw dill. that was awesome.

shoulda got pics. never have a camera. should invest in one that i use.

college is too far. i cant deal with it. state is nice. too bad randall is good at football. asshole doesnt go there. i think i was supposed to lose it to him. shit. that stuff always gets messed up. hahaaaa. great convo tonight, danm i miss those.

so ill be in tampa at 6pm. naples at 9pm. school maybe after that.

naples: chad's multiple parties. luke's phone calls. sebi's lies about katie kissing. break-ups that were fake. reuther getting shit for his stupid date. eb's phone isn't working.. hmm. LOTS OF PUKING. the end.

a lot more. but im a loser and i dont take time to add shit.
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