natalia renae (khean) wrote,
natalia renae

no need to explain.

havent written in forever.
school is good. great hard looking classes that arent.
walk around school aimlessly, go into other rooms.
psych is awesome
new teachers rock.
art is the shit.
almost done with all college shit.
just the essay is left.
wrote one.
did scholarship shit already.
motivation to all you others...
miami... im a failure.
im tired
worn out
eric and steph are not getting back together
happy early bday ryan randy and mom.
sataurday is the best day for bdays.
18. period.
boys here are good.
minus the homecoming sit...
yeah about that.
nik is over, talking to me here.
hurricane day tomorrow.
half day today.
i work at hollister
and biminis.
ok im done
although i could go on forever
this took me 70 seconds tops
gaurantee it.

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