natalia renae (khean) wrote,
natalia renae

In for the count.

woke up at 530am to be at the hospital at 630 to go into surgery at 830. they put the iv in like an hour early and i freak out because they always mess it up with me. this time she had me bleeding out of the vain all over my arm. so i laid there just keeping my arm straigth and it was froze cold. i went in they had to inject me and have inhalations..i came out like 5 hours late. i had a bad infection she had to work through and clean and fix. my ears have been bleeding all day and i have drops, im nautious and i cant walk. i woke up and said "katie". i thought i had woke up drunk and then i realized i was in the hospital and there were nurses. i kept babbling and i was all dizzy and drunk and i was slurring and passing out mid-sentance. im home now and tired. i got codine pills and a lot of pain killers. im just basically drunk and i can stay awake for a half an hour and then pass back out. so tonight is catch-up time. well see how i am in the morning.

jeff got rushed to the er from biminis tonight.

katie i miss you. tell me how richies went. call me tomorrow, check on me :)

back in 6 days everyone. seeing my cousin wednesday. weddign saturday and sunday. birthday friday. so basically two days left of torture. its not all bad, just mostly. haha. night.
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